15 November 2007

動畫版“ 惡魔小布布”(完整版) 的幕後製作人:Andres - he is the producer of the animation ¨ Little diablo $ergey¨ (final version)

(Cristina 的話)

Andres 是我的西班牙同事。

有一天,正當我盯著電腦螢幕上的惡魔小布布看,心想:「 這造型真是太可愛了 ...... 嗯 ........ 要是他的尾巴能動起來,左右甩啊甩啊地,一定更有趣 ......」(看來,老布提的卡通動畫建議對我的確有些影響,現在的我,開始希望這些漫畫人物能活起來 ....... )

這時,Andres 忽然走到我桌子旁邊,他瞄了一眼我的電腦,說:「 又是 Vitas 嗎? 」 我說:「 這次不是 Vitas 啦,這個是他的製作人,你看!他的造型是小惡魔,手臂上還揹著一個 Vitas 守護小天使!很可愛吧!?」 Andres 笑了笑, 他同意 Vitas的歌聲是很棒,但他無法理解為何我會這麼喜歡 Vitas,喜歡到甚至要替他出版一本書的程度。( 唉! 男人,對於女人的某些感動情緒你們是永遠無法了解的。)

我指著螢幕上的惡魔小布布對他說:「 你看!若小惡魔的尾巴可以動起來,左右搖擺,一定超可愛的!」 Andres 一派輕鬆的回答我:「 可以啊!這很簡單,妳要的話,我可以幫妳讓它動起來。」 「 真的嗎?你會做?」「當然會!我可是電腦工程師啊!」

Andres 是我們公司的電腦資訊專員,身為電腦白癡的我,其實也搞不清楚他真正的工作內容是什麼,反正,只要我們的電腦出問題,找他求救就對了!呵呵!想不到現在要做動畫也可找他!( 後來我才知道他是鬼才一個,除了電腦很行,也會攝影,以前還玩過搖滾樂團!他有一個私人設計工作室,替一些西班牙公司設計網站及製作廣告影片,更想像不到的是,他竟然還很會作菜!真強 ...... )

沒一會兒,Andres 寄了一個檔案給我,打開一看,哇!是個會左右擺動尾巴的惡魔小布布!太棒了!我開心地跑去跟他道謝,他笑著說,這只是一個草稿,若要讓動作看起來更生動自然,就要請 Destro 再畫一些動作的過程,這樣效果才會好。他說:「讓小惡魔再眨個眼睛,擺動翅膀,如何?」 我回答:「好!好!那讓小天使也活起來!讓他的翅膀擺動,然後頭靠向小惡魔的手臂,像是在撒嬌回應說:“ 嗨, 我與你同在!”」

就這樣,在 Andres 與 Destro 的合作下,有了動畫版惡魔小布布的誕生! *^O^* (老布,這下你該滿意了吧?)

(註解:“diablo” 是西班牙文,意為“惡魔”)

(Cristina's words)

Andres is my Spanish colleague.

One day, I sat in front of my computer, looking at the comic figure of " little Diablo $ergey" ( "Diablo" is Spanish, means " Devil"), I was thinking: " What a lovely comic figure! if his tail can move, that will be more funny....". Andres walked into my office, he looked at my monitor and said: " Vitas again?" Andres agrees that Vitas sings very well and have a beautiful voice, but, he never can understand why I like Vitas so much that I am even planing to publish a book for this artist! ( well, men, some women's wonderful emotion which we feel you will never understand it ever!)

I said to him: " No, this little "diablo" is Vitas' producer, look this: a little diablo with a little angel in his arm! it is so cute, isn't it?! if his tail can move, I think it will be more lovely and funny! *^o^* I do wish he can move and be alive ...."

Andres answered me: " It is simple to make its tail to move, if you want, I can make it for you!"

" Really? can you make it?!"

" Of course! don't forget, I am a computer engineer!"

Andres is the computer engineer in our office, as I am a computer idiot, in fact, I really don't know how to explain what is his work in this office; I only know, if I have some problem in computer,I only need to tell him: " Andres! help!" then, he will solve all of the problem. And, now, he even can help me to do the animation! what a nice guy! *^O^* ( after I had a chat with him, I was surprised for his talent; he is not only a expert in computer, he also knows photography, and before he participated a Rock music band!!! now he has a personal working studio for website design, he has made some websites for some Spanish companies and made some advertising videos for their products, and the most surprising thing to me is: he is very good in cooking too!!! Wooooow! )

After few minutes, he sent me a file, I opened it, it was the little diablo $ergey moving his tail! I was so happy and I said thanks to him. He laughed and explained that it was only a draft, if we want to make it more "alive", we need Destro to draw more "actions" for his "movements". Andres said: "How about to let this diablo blink one of his eyes, and let his wings to move?" I said:" Yes! yes! and let the little angel to be “alive” too! make his head and wings to move! just like he is responding to the little diablo: “hello! I am here with you!”"

So, with the cooperation of Andres and Destro, finally we have this lovely comic animation figure: "Little Diablo $ergey" ! *^O^* ( Hello! Sergey, are you happy now? :) )


nicolenava said...

Andres, Gracis!
相信製作過程充滿心酸與甜美吧, 呵呵.
一切順心 一切如意

Спасибо ~!

Andres said...

Hola Nicolenava!

我是 Andres.謝謝你! 對不起! 我的中文很不好. 我很高興你喜歡我的小卡通.我沒有很喜歡小V,可是我比較愛他的女歌迷們。


Cristina said...

Hola! Andres!


nicolenava said...

Hola ~~ Andres!

你中文不好?! 很好呀 ~~ ^^
哦 ~~~ 我想大概因為 V 不是女生吧(我很欠打),呵呵.
要說感謝的是我們 V 迷耶, 辛苦你們的腦力囉! Wow!
Dear Cristina, thanks again ^^
night-night ~~

星星 said...

Hi Andres,gracias!

little diablo $ergey is so cute!

and 他的女歌迷們love you too!

Allisone said...

very funny pair with a funny tail :)))
Can this little diablo $ergey say something more devilishly clever than

Caresse said...

Great work.